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Bridging the gap between early career talent and the companies who hire them


We help companies set their early career talent up for success.

Headquartered in downtown Chicago, InternView trains young professionals on the essential interpersonal skills and gives companies the structure to set their new hires up for success.

Companies that work with InternView get increased effectiveness and retention from their new hires. Young professionals hit the ground running with the proper training and support.


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Learn How We Turn an Internship Program Into a Talent Pipeline

Current state analysis

Many of our projects start with a comprehensive analysis of your current organization. If you have an existing internship program, we will compare it to industry benchmarks. If you don’t currently have an internship program, we will evaluate the project work and organization to determine what your program could look like.


ongoing program support

We’re not going to design your program and then leave you hanging when it’s go-time. InternView offers ongoing support throughout the internship program. We’ve got you covered on everything from program hiccups to complete program management.

Alignment session

Every company has a different vision, and goal, for their internship program. Maybe it’s to create a talent pipeline. Or to get project work done fast + cheap. Some clients want to bring in more diverse candidates. We’ll get the key stakeholders in the company together to set the vision. We hit the ground running.


Post-Program analysis

We always want to evaluate ourselves and continuously improve. At the end of the internship program, InternView works with your clients and interns to gather qualitative and quantitative data to understand how the program went. We will then provide recommendations on how to build on the program for the next intern cohort.

Detailed program plan

This is the big kahuna of InternView’s work. We create a custom, week-by-week program plan for your interns so there is clarity about milestones, expectations, and important deliverables. This provides structure to the program and ensures interns are providing maximum value.


Intern workshops

You don’t just expect the interns to walk in on Day 1 and know exactly how to contribute to your company, right? Interns are sharp, but they (along with all of us!) can benefit from a little coaching on the soft skills. We lead workshops for interns on topics such as taking initiative, prioritizing workload, building your brand, networking within the organization, and how to work on teams.


The process was simple and I appreciated how InternView took time to understand my company’s desires and the quick time frame needed. InternView created a flawless internship program for my business and I highly recommend working them!
— Erin Doppelt


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