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Our Purpose

We believe in the power of interns. Elise founded InternView in 2018 to help companies build meaningful internship programs that attract diverse talent and improve millennial retention rates.

She has focused on the internship industry for over six years. In college, Elise started a business to help students find summer internships by leveraging their network. She helped over 800 students achieve internship success and developed a passion for improving the existing internship industry.

InternView was started to help companies create programs that improve diversity. Programs that create brand hype. Programs that attract top talent. And programs that showcase a company’s awesome culture.


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The Story Behind the business

Elise Gelwicks

Let’s go back in time a bit….Sophomore year of college, Elise received 12 internship offers. When she realized her peers weren’t finding the same success, she wanted to help. She started a business, called Strategic Internship Consulting (cumbersome name - it was the best she came up with at 19 years old) to help students land summer internships.

Elise worked with over 800 students on resume development, interview technique, and networking skills. While it was a blast to work on, upon graduation she went the corporate route and worked for a Fortune 500 company and then as a management consultant.

As with any management consultant life, there were many lonely nights tucked away in a hotel room. Elise used this time (isolation?) to write a book for students on how to get an internship freshman year of college. It was through the research for her book that she realized that the big opportunity to change the internship experience was to partner with companies to design and enhance their internship programs. Elise promptly quit the consulting gig and has been designing internships ever since.