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How InternView Partners With Companies

InternView partners with companies to design and enhance their internship programs. Clients experience a turnkey solution that empowers their interns and drives business results. We work with companies who want to get more out of their internship programs.

Set the foundation of the internship

We consider this like doing your homework before class. Before we design the internship, we want to know what your goals are for the internship program and, if you have an existing program, what the strengths and opportunities are. This typically involves a current state analysis and an alignment session.

design and launch the internship

This is the fun part. We create a custom, detailed, week-by-week program plan for each intern. It lists key deliverables, milestones, important meetings, social events, and workshops. Your interns (and their managers) will know exactly what is on their plate. We also work with the managers and mentors of the interns to define their role and expectations. This phase typically involves program design, manager expectations, and ongoing support.

evaluate the internship

When the program ends our work is just beginning. We want to know what went well (most of it!) and what can be better for next year (always room for improvement!). We do a thorough analysis of the internship program so companies get a clear sense of their ROI. We provide recommendations on what to adjust for the next intern cohort. This phase typically involves a post-program assessment and ongoing support.