We are the experts in setting your young professionals up for success

How We Partner With Companies


Someone who has interned at a company has a 20% hire retention rate when they return as a full-time employee compared to a full-time employee who did not intern at the company. A strong internship program creates a talent pipeline that ultimately reduces hiring and onboarding costs over time.

We help companies maximize their internship programs by:

  • Designing effective and customized internship programs

  • Leading workshops to train interns on the essential interpersonal skills (e.g., Welcome to the Working World, Land the Offer)

  • Providing ongoing support to ensure the success of the internship program in building a strong talent pipeline

young professionals

There’s a common disconnect between young professionals and executives: those early in their career feel lost on navigating the working world and executives feel frustrated by the lack of professional presence and interpersonal skills in their junior colleagues. InternView bridges this gap between young professionals and the companies who hire them.

We help companies set their young professionals up for success by:

  • Creating structured onboarding programs that energized and prepare new hires for their new roles

  • Leading workshops to teach young professionals the soft skills needed to succeed (e.g., Networking, Present Yourself Professionally, Taking Initiative)

  • Providing ongoing support, coaching, and consultation to meet the needs of new hires and executives