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Empowering Interns to Deliver Value

InternView Workshops for Interns

Our corporate clients bring us in to coach interns on the soft skills - the skills every college student needs and few have. This is where the magic happens.

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Take initiative

Let’s face it - there are times for every intern (and every full-time employee) where the workload lulls. Taking initiative and being proactive are skills that take a good intern and turn them into an irreplaceable intern. This workshop coaches interns on how to identify project work they can tackle and to maximize the value they bring to their team.

build your brand

Your personal brand is your most valuable asset. It is how people think of you inside and outside your organization. We work with interns to intentionally craft their personal brands so they can represent themselves, and the company they are working for, in a positive and intentional way. Both the intern and company benefit from this. This workshop gives interns insight into building a brand, and tips on how to build your brand through networking.


prioritize work

Project work combined with daily tasks that need to get done can be overwhelming, especially when you’re new to the working world. We coach interns on how to prioritize their work so they are ensuring the most important work gets done - and gets done well. Interns walk away with the skills to effectively balance their work and to work efficiently.

work well with others

Every job, at every company, in every industry, involves an element of teamwork. Being a strong teammate is more than being nice and smart, there is a real skill to working well with others and adding value to the deliverables a team is responsible for. And let’s face it, we’ve all had to work with teammates we don’t particularly like. The Work Well With Others workshop coaches interns on how to contribute to their teams and manage the nuanced dynamics of working with people who have different work styles and personalities than your own.

correspond professionally

In today’s world, how you write is how you are perceived. There is an art to email correspondence, the primary form of communication at work, that needs to be intentional. The Correspond Professionally workshop shares the tips to write succinct, impressive emails and craft presentation decks that convey a strong, clear message.

launch your career

Every company has a different goal for the internship program. For companies who want to use their internship program to get project work done while providing a great intern experience, the Launch Your Career workshop is the perfect fit. Interns learn how to interview for their next role, write about their internship on their resume, and how to determine what career opportunities are best aligned with their skill sets. This is the perfect workshop for companies who are not focused on converting their interns into immediate full-time employees.